Hayes Kebab San Francisco
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A family owned and operated business serving delicious authentic flavors from the Mediterranean Coast to the Middle East. Menu Catering
580 Hayes Street / Laguna • San Francisco, CA 94012 • Tel (415) 861-2977 Hours:
Sun – Thurs 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Fri – Sat 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Hummus* $4.35
A delightful dip of Garbanzo beans with garlic, lemon juice, tahini and EVOO   

Babaganoush $4.35
Charbroiled eggplant dip with fresh herbs, lemon juice, tahini, mayonnaise and EVOO

Mast o Sir $4.35
Yogurt with shredded cucumber, diced fresh dill and a hint of garlic

Kibbeh (Mousol Style) $5.50
Stuffed ground lamb, raisins, and pomegranete seeds covered with bulgur and deep-fried

Flat Bread* $5.50
(Vegetarian optional)

Flat Bread covered with tomato sauce, ground beef, mozzarella cheese, onion, pepper and parsely

Dolma* $4.60
Tender vine leaves rolled with rice, pine nuts, onion, currants and fresh herbs

Spanakopita $4.50
Spinach pie with layers of buttered filo pastry filled with spinach, onions, feta and fresh herbs

Falafel Plate $7.95
Four Falafel with hummus and tabbouleh

Mezze Platter* $12.95     
Hummus, Babaganoush, Mast o Sir, Falafel, Dolma, Kalamata Olives, and Feta Cheese

Soup of the Day*
Cup $2.75   Bowl $4.95

All  dips served with pita bread

*Vegan available


Greek Salad* $6.95
Romaine lettuce, fresh tomato, cucumber, red onion, kalamata olives and feta cheese

House Salad* $6.50
Ask for our seasonal House Salad

Tabbouleh Salad* $4.50
Authentic cracked wheat with tomato, red onion, fresh parsley and lemon juice

Spinach Salad* $7.50
Organic baby spinach with caramelized walnuts and crumbled gorgonzola cheese in balsamic vinaigrette

Couscous Salad* $5.50
Couscous with fresh parsley, green onion, tomato, lemon juice and EVOO

Caesar Salad* $6.95
Romaine lettuce, homemade croutons, shaved parmesan and classic caesar dressing

Arugula and Beet Salad* $7.50
Arugula, roasted beets, goat cheese in pomegrenate dressing

Fruit Salad* $4.50

Soup & Salad* $7.95
Cup of Soup & Choice of Salad

Add chicken or lamb/beef gyro to any salad $3.00


Rice Pilaf /Fries/Grilled Veggies/Feta Cheese & Olives 

Extra Pita $1.00


Kurdish Baklava
(2 pieces) $3.00
Layers of filo dough and pistachios baked with our own syrup

Kazandibi  $5.00                               
Milk Pudding baked and caramelized

Kunefe $6.00
Sweet shredded filo dough stuffed with salt-less cheese and pistachios

Rice Pudding $4.00
Rice, milk, organic sugar, vanilla bean and cinnamon

Cake $5.00


  • House Wine (Red or White)
  • Beer Domestic
  • Beer Imported
  • Soda
  • Bottled Water
  • Sparkling Water
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Café Latte
  • Yemani Coffee
By the bottle:
  • House Wine
    (Red or White)

Most Plates served w/ house salad, rice pilaf
 and home made bread

Lamb & Beef Gyro $11.95
Slow-cooked, thin-sliced, marinated lamb & beef

Chicken Gyro $11.95
Slow cooked, thin-sliced, marinated chicken

Adana Kebab $11.95
Minced lamb lightly spiced with fresh parsley, bell pepper, onion and charcoal grilled

Beef Shish Kebab $12.95
Skewered marinated top sirloin charcoal grilled

Chicken Shish Kebab $11.95
Marinated chicken cubes charcoal grilled

Lamb Shish Kebab $14.95
Marinated lamb cubes charcoal grilled

Salmon Shish Kebab $15.95
Lemon & herb marinated fresh salmon charcoal grilled

Beyti Kebab $13.95
Ground lamb grilled on a skewer and wrapped in lavash bread topped with yogurt and tomato sauce

Alexander’s Favorite $13.95
Thin-sliced marinated lamb & beef gyro with bread cubes in fresh tomato sauce & yogurt

Moussaka (Vegetarian) $11.95
Layers of potato, zucchini and eggplant slow-cooked with bechamel and tomato sauce

Combo Platter $19.95
Lamb & beef gyro, chicken & beef shish kebab and Kofta

All wraps/sandwiches are served on lavash bread
with lettuce, tomato, onion and tahini sauce

Lamb & Beef Gyros Wrap $7.50
Slow cooked, thin-sliced, marinated lamb & beef

Chicken Gyros Wrap $7.50
Slow cooked, thin-sliced, marinated chicken

Adana Kebab Wrap$6.95
Skewered charcoal grilled minced lamb with fresh parsley, red onion and a touch of hot chili

Kofta Wrap $6.95
Minced beef with parsley and red onion

Falafel Wrap* $6.95
A blend of ground chickpeas, fava beans, vegetables, spices, deep-fried served with hummus

King Style Falafel Wrap $7.35
Falafel with grilled eggplant and feta cheese

Salmon Wrap $8.95
Skewered charcoal grilled salmon with fresh tomato,
lettuce and onion

Vegetarian Wrap $6.75
Grilled assorted fresh vegetables and feta cheese

Mediterranean Style Burger $5.50
Grilled beef patty with lettuce, tomato, onion and home made aioli


Mixed Grill Platter for 4   $49.95

Mixed Grill Platter for 6   $69.95


All egg dishes served with your choice of rosemary roasted red potatoes
or fresh fruit with bagel or homemade bread

Mediterranean Bagel $4.50
Toasted bagel with hummus and fresh fruit

Mellemen $7.95
Slow cooked eggs with onion, bell pepper and tomato

Wan Style Eggs $8.95
Three eggs any style with feta cheese, fresh sliced
tomatoes and Kalamata olives

Athens Style Omelette $9.95
Three egg omelette with spinach, mushrooms and
fresh tomato

Breakfast Wrap $7.95
Scrambled eggs, lamb/beef or chicken gyro, fresh
tomato and feta cheese wrapped in lavash bread

Erbil Style Eggs $9.95
Scrambled eggs with ratatouille and fresh fruit


The Original
Hayes & Kebab

580 Hayes Street / Laguna
San Francisco, CA 94012
Tel (415) 861-2977




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January 10, 2013

Hayes & Kebab is my go-to place when searching for a light lunch. It can get a little crowded during lunch hours, but there's always outside seating. You find yourself a table, order from the register, and wait for your food to be given to you at your table.

The first time I came here was after the Giant's parade. My friend thought her plate came with a salad so she asked the waiter. Unfortunately her plate didn't come with one but he was nice to bring one out for her free of charge! I ALWAYS get the salmon kebab plate, which comes with two skewers of salmon, two types of rice, and a side salad. The salmon is never dry and never too charred tasting. You also get a piece of tasty bread.

Prices range from about $10-19 depending on what you get. I love this place because nothing is full of grease and is overall healthy. It also doesn't give me the draggy 3 o'clock break. Thumbs up!


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Hayes & Kebab: Kurdish Wrap = Perfect Falafel!
February 11, 2009

Shh! It's a secret!
Just walk in casually, we don't want them to know that we know how good it is. Saunter over to the counter and discreetly pick up one of the paper menus beside it. Request the Falafel Wrap ($6.50) and if there are no seats inside, you can wait at a table outside. The presentation is beautiful, sliced diagonally and clean through, one half is balanced on top of the other. Crispy, creamy, steaming seductively it waits for you to sink your pearly whites into its gorgeous innards of sandwichness. One bite and you're gone... Oops, you almost told a passing stranger of its sandwich ecstasies within... Whoa, there laddie! Gotta keep this quiet! Phew, that was a close one. Self control, keep the lips sealed. Back to the felafel...

Good grief! Vegetables were never meant to taste this good, surely. If only mother had known to prepare them this way, you would have cleaned your plate every night. Take another bite, aah, there's something else in here, a hidden ingredient, this tastes extraordinary. The Brothers Tekin have added fava beans to the mix, as well as chick peas and other veggies and then they deep fry it all and that's as far as they will go in vouchsafing their family secret recipe... I did my best to pry it from both of them separately, one-on-one -- no good, the secret stays with them.

Kurds, you know, pictures all over the restaurant walls, from some part of Turkey. Big long knives in some of the pictures, no these guys don't want to give up their secrets to an outsider. They smile a lot and seem very friendly. People are lining up and eating everything off the menu, especially those kebabs and the dips. These rascals have even got the dessert crowd in here. Lured them in with Kurdish family recipe baklava and rice pudding made fresh on the premises daily. These guys have gone too far, and it's cheap too! Oh my G-d, please I asked you to keep it quiet or everybody will be in here!

Hayes & Kebab: for the falafel wrap of your dreams... and the rice pudding.
Go to 406 Hayes (x Gough) Street, San Francisco. Tel: (415) 861-2977.
For more info (but no secret family recipes): bawer@hayeskebab.com or www.hayeskebab.com. Don't tell anybody where this place is... Shh! It's a secret!

Cuisine/dress: Kurdish kebab/office casual
Noise: conversation possible.
Food: Four star falafel!
Service: Three stars
Cost: $10-15 w/out wine.
On-street parking available.


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Hayes and Kebab
A classy cut above most other falafel joints.

starstarstarstargrey star
starstarstarstargrey star
 My Rating:

 406 Hayes St
 San Francisco, CA 94102

From the Editors
At this cute Mediterranean restaurant in the rising neighborhood-of-the-moment Hayes Valley, the attentive service, warm decor, and, yes, impeccably clean bathrooms offer a welcome departure from the down-and-dirty vibe of most falafel joints in the city. Hayes and Kebab offers a surprisingly expansive variety of Greek and Mediterranean fare that goes beyond the requisite gyros and falafel to include salads, wraps, sandwiches, and authentic sides such as babaganoush. Make sure to leave room for one of the restaurant's desserts: the homemade Kurdish baklava is pretty spectacular, and the homemade chocolate cake is another terrific choice. For libations, pick from a well-selected menu of domestic and imported beers and wines. Think of Hayes and Kebab as reliable and affordable alternative to the more expensive stalwarts that populate this area near the opera, ballet and symphony houses. –

Colleen Taylor 


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Hayes and Kebab

Editorial Review
Kebab cravings are swiftly sated at this Mediterranean cafe in Hayes Valley.

Mediterranean casual dining for lunch and dinner

Hayes and Kebab Editorial Review – by Lorraine Sanders

In Short
After starting off with tender dolma or buttery spanakopita, diners partake in plates of marinated meats from the grill and warm lavash bread wraps. Salads on offer range from the traditional couscous and tabbouleh varieties to a very California concoction of spinach, gorgonzola and caramelized walnuts. Those who enjoy gyros and falafel with extra bite will want to request the house spicy sauce. Desserts include homemade cakes, Kurdish baklava and rice pudding. Beer and wine are available.

Insider Tips

The Extras
All salads come with homemade pita bread, and all plates are served with pita and a side dish.

Save Time
Takeout and catering are available.

©2013 Hayes & Kebab
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